Friday, October 14, 2011

The Bodyless Horse

Well last night was a mess! Kids up and running around all evening, of course they were. I needed to get started on the RKT part of the cake decorations, I should have figured they would fight to go to sleep. Wasn't until it was after 11 that I was able to finally dump cereal in a bowl and start melting some marshmallows!

And once the stove was turned on every last noise I heard I swore was a child rolling out of bed, like some evil elf coming to cause mischief. Seriously, it was that or my place is haunted. I am not sure yet. It only got worse as I began to mix the marshmallow with the cereal.....

Oh god...that little snap, crackle and pop sound they cause....In the middle of the night when everyone is supposed to be asleep it is like someone setting off a blackcat in the middle of your kitchen. Waiting for kiddie senses to start tingling!

Just a little bit more.....okay, phew, not more snap, crackle and pop. Let's get this thing into a basic shape asap....Last thing I need is to be caught in the kitchen in the middle of the night by 3 kids with the splattered evidence of rainbow crispy treats all over my hands....Okay, onto a butter counter with you!

And now for the next hour all you heard was...CRUNCH! Butter hands, press, crunchy, sticky! More butter, more press, more crunch, more sticky! Till I get a basic boomerang shape...

Oh the fun part, moving it to a waxpaper covered cookie sheet....Thankfully it isn't that molded yet... Move it carefully. More pressing. Sadly this takes soo freaking long because you have to work with it while it is still warm but because it is warm it gets messed up easily...Press the neck together the head would slide and come out of shape.... Finally after a bit I got it more compacted. ~check over shoulder for kids~ Clear!

And after a little while even longer got it even more compacted....

Yeah I know it doesn't look like much yet but it will. At this point I wrapped it tightly and tossed it in the fridge. Got up this morning and tossed the thing on top of the fridge. Need it to come up to room temp before I can work with it anymore but at least then it will have set and I can press and carve the basic bones and muscle structure into the head. 

I hope to at least get it covered in white chocolate before the end of the day. Also on today's agenda is to make all the cake for this project so it can cool most of the day. Crumb coat this evening and then the big work beginnings tomorrow. Will keep you posted. 

And thankfully I finished up and got everything clean without any Jack, Alex or Rhi-loo-who's wandering out and asking why I am not giving them any treats. 

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