Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Charlie Brown!

Finally, just walked in the door. I was not expecting a cake drop off to turn into 3 hours at school but it did.

Turns out the class was a bit short on the parental volunteers today. So instead of me just dropping off a cake and running, leaving Jason to carve pumpkins with the kidos, I ended up staying as well. Jack in tow. lol.

Was a lot of fun in all honesty but I am beat. I do not know how teachers do this kind of thing day in and day out. I would go positively mad!Don't get me wrong, love the kids but being around that many kids that young all excited like that....Ugh, no thank you!

Karin, my hat is off to you! 

On the non pumpkin carving side of things, all the sweets went over swimmingly! The kids just adored all the cookies, especially the ones with their names on them.... Not to mention the cake! It was a smash hit!!!!!

God I am so relieved! With all the royal icing transfers breaking and me having to fall back to a back up, back up plan I was not expecting it to turn out as well as it did but hey! The look on those kids faces when they walked into class and saw the cake was evidence enough that it was going to be a good day. 

And now that is all taken care of, more to do! We still have trick or treating this evening and from what I am hearing all over town it is HUGE here! 

Rhi has a Zombie School and Dance on Friday, the churchs did their stuff this weekend, the highschool is doing a haunted house tonight, all the businesses on the Square will be open handing out candy, the neighborhood around the school is just decked out to no end and our neighborhood is sure to be a hot spot! (And then I find out from others just a little bit ago that there are even more places to hit! Oh yeah!)

Now it is time for us to get dinner together, well Jason is doing dinner for me (yay!), and then it will be time to Trick Or Treat! So on that note, gonna leave you with pictures of the cake and dart off. 

Happy Halloween!


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