Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Okay To Be Takei!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I adore Star Trek. Yes, me. A chic that loves Star Trek. We are not that rare. In fact there are a slew of us out there who love it! And not just for the Captains but for the other officers as well! Even those beloved Red Shirts. Hey, is there a girl out there that can resist the underdog. We know he is going to die but we still gasp in horror each time one does.

Anywho, back on track..or Trek in this case. (Haha, I made a funny.) I love Star Trek, very much and with that comes loving a certain awesome actor and no I don't mean Shatner. Heck I don't even mean Mr. Live Long And Prosper. 

I mean the "Oh My!" man himself, Mr. George Takei! Seriously, this guy just rocks! On every level, in every way, in any format. It's George Freaking Takei! That man that defines Fabulous! 

And speaking of Fabulous! (Yeah, bad segway.) Takei and I have something in common, other than thinking he is the bees knees. (What ever the hell that is.) We believe in equal rights. Especially for the LGBT community. 

And well Takei, being the awesome man he is, found a way to combat against the hatred this community faces on a daily basis. It is called....

Wait for it....

It's Okay to be Takei!

Yeah, I rainbowed that, got a problem with it? Tough!

So, anywho.

Awesome man!
Awesome idea!
and now....
Awesome cookies!

Takei! These are for you! OH MY!


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