Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Project - 1st Grade Class Halloween Cake

Well, another project is in the works! My son, Alex, is having a Halloween Bash at school and yours truly is doing the cake for it. Theme? Why...."It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!" They will be watching the movie that day, among others, so why not! Should be great fun for the kids to see the cake as characters they know and love.

I will be using a sheet + round cake stacking as I did for the Robot Unicorn Attack Cake but I think I will be going with a 6 inch round instead of an 8 this time. Hoping it will give me just enough room on top for a proper pumpkin patch, Linus and Lucy included. And the rest of the gang of course!

So, to make sure the kids don't feel like they "got a rock," or readers as well....I am starting on certain parts of the project today. Things like Fondant Character building and Royal Icing Flooding, these things can be done weeks in advance thankfully. I will be getting at least 1 tutorial posted during all this, I hope 2.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the process! It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!


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