Saturday, October 15, 2011

Now We Wait

Have cake, will feed. (Have a lot of cake to get rid of, lol. Not only this cake but the domes from the others I had to cut off to level.)

Well I spent half the night and most of the day today working on the cake and honestly I don't think I am anywhere close to being finished. Sadly most of what is left to do has to wait. Why? Because of drying.

I have the first coats of silver on the unicorn. I have to wait for it to fully dry before I can dry coating it in different hues. Cannot start assembling the cake or putting the decorations on till the royal icing cliffs are dry. They have to go on first to get everything else to fall into place....Have a fan on those now. If I finish tonight sometime I will be beyond thrilled!

I just want this done and over with. Don't get me wrong I love making all this stuff but the problem is it is 1) a huge chore, 2) adds a lot more cleaning to an already hectic schedule 3) makes me put my diet on hold (no room to cook) 4) no work out time (that one is really driving me nuts!) 5) really really need to finish that cook book before certain people kidnap me.

And to think I will be starting this whole process over next week to begin the cake for Alex's class, Halloween Party thingy. Again, which I cannot wait to make for them but again, it's a chore! I totally understand why people charge so much much for some flour, sugar and eggs.

Hell if this weren't for my kids I probably wouldn't do it.... Yeah, who am I kidding. Yeah I would. Just would probably charge people more than "cost" for me to make them a cake. (Yeah I charge cost currently....Need the practice.)

Oh well one day I will either have people paying the big bucks to make their cakes or I will at least save several thousand when my daughter gets married by making her cake myself.

Well back to the current project and enough of my ramblings of future things. As you can see the whole unicorn thing is a very long process. Make, carve, cover, cover, paint and now I am at the drying stage before I can go back to paining even more.

This will probably be the last post till the cake is done and might not get a chance again till after the party tomorrow. No worries you will see the finished project. For now.....we wait.

Will leave you with this and hope your family has much fun eating (brains) as we do.


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