Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh God The Glitter!

Oh god the luster dust is everywhere!!!! It is going to take weeks after this whole project is over to get out of my hair and the house. So if you run into myself, the hubby or the kids for the next week - you have been prewarned you may become glitterfied!

Well, a sad attempt to get all the unicorns base painted before the youngest crawled out of bed was just futile....He was up and pitching a hissy from the very beginning. I cannot say I blame him. Lots of sparkly dust and chocolate were all over the kitchen and he couldn't touch any of it. This does not make a 3 year old very happy. Thankfully I had a few pieces that were broken. Pushed those right over to him. It only  calmed him for a bit but hey, when you're a mom you take what you can get.

3 Hours of screaming later and I finally said enough and shoved it all back into the fridge for later. Luckily I was able to assembly line the whole project, so I got more done than I thought I was going to be able to. Granted that was only like 3 dozen chocolates base painted but hey! It's progress! Why I gave myself a whole week to make 1 cake.

The unicorns are basically done though. I will be adding in black around the eyes and then the red eyes themselves closer to her birthday since that will be in icing and not chocolate. Now I need to dust a couple of hundred bones with cocoa powder to give them that ~been in the ground~ look.

But I think that will have to wait. I need to work on getting some more recipes done for my cook book. So with that, I am going to move my attention there and leave you with a few pictures.


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