Friday, October 14, 2011

Rainbow Cake! Make Your Own!

Rainbows! Yay! Stuff that would make Ms. Brite herself giggle with glee. Now, I am not into girly stuff, never have been but hey, Rainbows rock with a capital R. That and my daughter wanted rainbow cake for the actually cake part of her cake. Baby girl gets what baby girl wants. (I know that sounds like I am spoiling her but with what that girl does everyday this is the least I could do for her was make this cake.) 

Want to know how to make one? Something like that looks like this when you cut into it?

So let's get down to the nitty gritty! What does one need to make a Rainbow cake? K, gonna need a few things. Some food coloring, bowls to mix it in, simple stuff like that. 

Oh and of course... Some cake batter. I am using the White Almond Cake from my Surreal Fare food blog. Why this one? Simple hybrid box cake recipes work wonders for cakes that need to hold a lot of weight in fondant and figures on them and it is easier to mass produce. I added in some chocolate to this one to make it White Chocolate. This cake works great for coloring. 

Now, just take some of the batter and start placing it in different containers and add some food coloring. I prefer Wiltons Gel Colors. They work great, a little goes a long way and you can find them at most any Wally-world. Just a little in each and mix well!

Oh it's so pretty! Now, time to release the artist within! Splatter Time! Ready for the fun part? ~coughs~ I mean really really hard! Like Rice Crispie mom throwing water on her face before exiting the kitchen hard. LOL (If you remember that commercial I love you.) 

Just drizzle in a dab here and a dab there of each color into a well greased baking pan. (PAM BAKING SPRAY! Best stuff on earth!) Don't mix it, don't even touch it. Just keep drizzling till all batter is in the pan. 

Now, just pop it in the oven, how ever long your batter takes. If you are using my recipe, then just 25 minutes, turn and probably another 10. When they are done they will look like this!

How freaking cool is that? Speaking of which, only let it cool 5 minutes before popping it out of the pan. Last thing you want is for your cake to cool fully and stick to the pan!

Now, of course these will be used for Rhi's cake so no seeing a finished product from these but I did feel bad about the kids not getting any cake till Sunday and having to watch me all weekend do this. So I made 2 more 8 inch rounds and threw together a quick one for them. Jack was nice enough to pose so I could take pictures. He makes such large sacrifices for you all! 


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