Sunday, October 23, 2011

Royal Icing Transfers

Well, it's see I started these things nearly a week ago and just put the final one up. They are not all the way done but 99%! I have to give them a few days dry time before I go back and filly in a few holes here and there and then fix the outlines but for the most part they are done.

Granted after that I have to let them finish drying till next Saturday and then comes the hard part.... Removing them from the paper and placing them on the cake. Thankfully I made a 2 of each design and honestly only need like 6 of them to survive. (This should allow me to break 75% of them and still have more than enough, LOL)

Though I am planning for the worst! If they all break I have a back up fondant plan that I can get done the day before the cake is supposed to be taken up the school. ^^ Always have a back up for your back ups!

Oh well, after a week of this I think it is about time to join the family in the pumpkin carving they have been doing all weekend! Only a little while of time left today and I want my pumpkin! LOL (I can work on the cookies tomorrow, lol.)

Happy Haunting! 


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