Thursday, October 13, 2011

Supplies Galore!

Well I went out and bought almost everything that I will need for Rhi's birthday cake. Omg...The cost of baking supplies is just out there but I guess it is all good. At least much of what I bought will be used for years to come.

I finally broke down and bought some supplies that I actually needed - A fondant roller, smoother, spatula and such. Things that I have been getting by without but in all honesty will help give this and future cakes a tad more finished look. 

Granted somethings that I bought I could have done without or made myself. I ended up buying premade fondant, which I normally don't do. This time though I knew I just needed to, it will make things a tad easier. I am in the middle of the cookbook and I know just not having to kneed MMF over and over again till it is perfect and then resting and then warming up and then kneading....well it will make things easier. 

Jason has to work Saturday from basically sunup till well past sundown....So I will have no one to help me field the kids over the next couple of day making it. I am debating doing everything at night while they are asleep and just trying to veg during the day. I doubt that will happy. Not the night owl I used to be. 

I do know that I will at least be doing the base forming of the horses head tonight once they go to sleep. It should be interesting. Rhi decided she wanted everything that was under the fondant and icing to be rainbow....So the cake will be done in rainbow and for the horse head, which will be RKT, I opted for fruity pepples as the base. Should give that rainbow edge she wants. God I hope so.  Thought because of this choice she wasn't too happy to hear I couldn't do an RVC cake. Told her if she wanted rainbow she would have to settle for my white almond cake. She said okay. Guess she is more for appearance than flavor. Granted my white cake rocks but it is just no RVC ya know? (Personally I thought the RVC would have been better...."And the worst part is the cake part is Red Velvet cake! Blood Red! People are gonna be hacking into this poor creature, looks like it bleeding to death!")

Anywho, will leave you with this for now. A picture of my supply box. Granted this doesn't house all the flours, sugars and such I will be using to make the cake nor the stuff for the frosting or all the chocolates that are already done and in the fridge, but hey, it's enough! I promise to post some pictures of the process with the cake as I go through it.

As you can tell I need something better than a cardboard box to keep everything....So anyone that wants to donate something I can house all this crap in, I'm open!


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