Friday, October 7, 2011

Upcoming Cakes

Well with the Holiday Season about to kick off things are about to get hectic. Things in the Gibson home always start off with my daughters Birthday, mid October. That is the first huge baking event for me to take care. 

Which is quickly followed by Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. All of which include cakes and treats for the kids classes. This year on top of that I am hoping to do an Early November event for our local Soldiers on behalf of Baking For Our Soldiers, as well as a birthday cake for a friend son.  All are huge in depth projects I am really looking forward to since they are all so vastly different. It will really give me a chance to stretch my artistic and culinary fingers. 

I hope to take pictures of each project as I work on it and get not only finished images together but use these as a base to create some easy to follow tutorials in the future to help others make treats for their loved ones. You would probably be surprised just how easy all this can be and how quickly you can improve just knowing a few simple tips and tricks. 

Some of the upcoming cake themes?
Robot Unicorn Attacks Heavy Metal
Good House Haunting
Baking For Our Soldiers
I'm A Turkey, eat me!
The Lego Is Strong With This One!
The Polar Express

So, on that note.... Have a Spooktacular day and I hope to see you soon when I begin posting images for my next project - Robot Unicorn Attacks Heavy Metal Cake and Candy for my daughters birthday party this year. Will leave you with her birthday cake from last year - A Punkette Halloween! (My first "real" decorated cake. All from scratch with no special items other than some cheap cookie cutters and a star tip.) 


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