Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome Great Pumpkin!

Well today was my first go at a new decorating technique...Royal Icing Transfers. Basically you take icing that when it dried is rock hard and draw with it on wax paper. When the outline drys, you filly it with colored icing and then dry again. Remove from wax paper, attach to what ever edible you are making. Seems simple enough.....Ugh huh, yeah right.

I have a whole new found respect for cookie decorators, they use this technique all the time. It isn't near as simple as one would think. Okay, let me rephrase that....It is simple. Simple to start, no fancy stuff needed. Hard to get right! Yeah, anyone can draw a line, draw a perfectly straight one takes years of practice and talent...Even if you do trace it.

I'm an inker! I give the scene depth! You're a tracer!...Okay, sorry, slipped into Kevin Smithland....

Anywho...Yeah, it is going to take me a lot of practice to get this fully right. Sad thing is I don't have a lot of time to practice this. I just kind of gotta hope with all the reading up I did on the subject it will give me a learning curve....

I hope it does, I really want this cake to turn out well for Alex. He watched for 2 weeks, me making Rhi's cake and I know if I don't do as good with his, if not better, he is going to be sad....And the last thing I want to do is make that child sad.

Well, as you can see I do have a basic understanding for the process. Things are going well so far but it will be a long time till I am comfortable with this way of doing things. Honestly I prefer fondant molding.

Oh well, done with the outlines....There are 10-15 scenes...Not sure, they are all up on the top of the refrigerator, out of the way. Not pulling them down to count. Have to wait for them to dry now before I can color them. Will give it at least over night, if not more before I do.

Patience is a virtue that I suck at. I know me, I am going to end up looking on top of the fridge later tonight, touching one and then kicking my own butt for ruining one of them because it wasn't fully dry. (See why I am giving myself over a week to do this?)

I do have to admit though...They have turned out better than I expected so far. I was prepared to scrap the whole thing at the beginning. Actually been putting this off for 2 days because I was nervous to even start!

Think I was less nervous at the prospect of sky diving. I really think it just goes back to not wanting to mess this up for Alex. Only at stage 1 and there is so much that could go wrong. 

The batch of icing may not dry, who knows. Not used to making royal icing! Butter cream, sure! MMF, best in town! Cream Cheese? Oh, you will sell your soul for some! But Royal? Oh god....

Once/if it dries, then I have to worry about correctly coloring each section on each one in the right color without messing up the borders....

Then there is drying once again! Probably a week there just to be extra sure!

After that is hoping and praying I can get the transfers off the wax paper without them breaking! Have you seen some of the lines on these? Okay, think about this...The biggest one of these is only 3 inches tall!!! Tiny!

After that it is getting them on the cake without them breaking and then to the school! So, yeah...Cross your fingers, it's going to be a long stressful week! 

Oh well, if they all break or none turn out I have a back up plan that I can do in a day. Always have a back up plan! On that note...6 hours is pipping hands hurt! I'm out!


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