Friday, November 4, 2011

Over 1000 Visitors!

Holy crap! I cannot believe it, well I do believe it but it is hard to believe. I have had over 1000 visitors to this blog since I started it less than a month ago! Just wow! I don't know what to say except THANKS!

 I know the Takei cookies, as well as the 8 bit series that have been posting about is a huge reason for all the views and trust me, it is just the beginning! I am having so much fun sharing all the confectionery treats I am doing around here for the holidays it has become a minor addiction, lol.

In fact right now I am Jonesing to get back to it but having to wait till a little later in the day. Out of wax paper to work on more transfers with. (So gotta go shopping later today.) I am not exactly sure what all I will be doing over the next couple of weeks but I do know there are several possible projects.

  1. Thanksgiving! Oh yeah, the mother of all Food holidays is coming up and I am all over that! Hubby might actually be off work that day, so if it is it is going to be huge in the Gibson home! Already planning on cookies for the 1st grade class and who knows what else!
  2. 8 Bit Love! Oh yeah, I have to do more 8 bit cookies! They are such a hit and I haven't even scratched the surface of all the wonderful games out there that so many of us grew up on. The next two I really want to do is Super Mario Brothers and Megaman! ~grins~
  3. Birthday coming up! No one in the family but a friend of the family, her sons is coming up. I am waiting to hear word back but I might be doing his birthday cake for the next weekend. Not this upcoming but the one after that. Really hope so! He wants the Death Star! Oh yeah, I can do that!
  4. Then of course there is the holiday I refuse to say out loud until the day after Thanksgiving, lol. Yeah, that one. Got a lot that I will probably do for it but we will get to that on Black Friday! 

Okay, so for now I have a lot planned and going for me. The book is selling well! YAY! Please buy it! Proceeds from this first quarter of sales will be going to hosting the next Baking For Our Soldiers Day! I had to sadly cancel the one for this fall because I just didn't have the funds to cover all the costs of it myself. So, since I won't get a royalty check for my book sales until like Feb I will be taking that and turning into many many sweet treats for our soldiers!!!!

So, head here - Jenn's Books - And buy a copy! There is a print as well as an ebook version! Get some great recipes for the holidays, gifts for friends and help support a great cause and our soldiers!

Okay, heading off now, will see you later! I will leave you, as always, with a sweet treat! I give you the First Lady of Gaming - Samus Aran. (If you don't know who this is I cannot endorse your geekship.)


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