Friday, November 18, 2011

Turkey Time

Been a little bit since the last post and sorry about that. It has been one heck of a long week that I personally cannot wait to be over. Thankfully it ends tomorrow evening for this family, lol. I have been working all week on a Star Wars Birthday Cake as well as a little side project for my sons 1st grade class.

They are having their Thanksgiving Feast today instead of the last day of school before holiday due to some scheduling conflicts. Needless to say that threw me off a little since I thought I would have all weekend and half the week to do their treat and could just focus on the cake but hey, things happen. This is an example of why I am the queen of multitasking.

Finished up the treat for the kids last night, have most of the cake done minus the figures. I will be working on those all day today. Got some of of the base done but still gotta long way to go. Thankfully that is pretty much all I have to worry about today.

Anywho, it is still very early and my coffee has yet to kick in. So, enjoy the pictures because it is Turkey Time!

Cookies: Maple Butter Cookie Pops
Icing: Vanilla Royal
Beak: Candy Corn
Body: Rice Krispy Treat with Chocolate Fondant


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