Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Has Arrived

Finally, the fall has drawn to a close and now my favorite season is upon us, Winter. Why is it my favorite? Well for one I do adore Christmas. The lights, the festivities, wrapping paper and not to mention the cooking! It is my time to shine! Baking galore starts the day after Thanksgiving and continues until Christmas Day in this house.

Let us add that since I come from a very diverse background, both religiously and via heritage, so all the major holidays are approaching. Friends and family will be celebrating Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice and so many others. I am rather lucky to be able to be apart of all these equally. I don't get left out of any of it, which in all honesty is probably one of the greatest gifts I could have.

And to top it all off now my favorite color is one of THE colors of the season, Ice Blue. YAY! Granted yes, it gets over shadowed by Red and Green. Oh well, what can a girl do? Just keep baking! So here I am with my first batch of cookies for the Winter Season.

Spritz! Why these and not something else? Because this is what I was raised on! It is part of my heritage, along with nine million other heritages in my family line, lol. Scandinavia is where my heart and these cookies are that part of the world through and through.

I cannot remember a winter season where we did not have hundreds of these in cookie tins all over the house. I remember my mother hand pressing these out of a copper press year after year. Thank god I have an electric one because I think my husband would kill me if I didn't make them at Christmas time. (Funny, he's Irish, lol.)

I wish I had more pictures but my camera died and it was a pain just to get a couple pictures. Anywho! See you soon with more holiday cookies and if you have suggestions let me know! I hope to cover all the major religious holidays in my cookies this fall.


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