Thursday, January 5, 2012

Buttermilk Biscuits

Well it has been a few weeks since I have managed to make a post. I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the new year and had just a great Christmas and/or Holiday Season in general. Out here in the Gibson home we did but it was bittersweet.

My husband found out right before Christmas that they were terminating his position with his employer. Not that they were firing him but just removing the job completely. Needless to say it has been a hard month to deal with that reality.

Thankfully the job lasted till December 31st, which he spent part of the time on vacation (paid) and the other part in training with the company in various places.  He spent 2 weeks doing nothing but traveling up and down the west coast. Not fun but you do what you gotta do to keep going.

Now we are in January and he has been sent to a temp position in another state for the next 30 days, alone. Hopefully he will find a new job before the 30 days is up. If not, we have back up plan on top of back up plan to keep going. Sadly we will have to move since there is nothing in town. So already started packing so we are ready to move the day he finds a new job.

In the mean time it is just myself, the kids and a lot of the hubby knives, lol. He couldn't take them with him, lol. Anywho, kids have been down lately. Heck I have been down. Don't want to bake a lot for two reasons.... 1) I just don't feel that bloody creative right now and I need to pack to be ready to move the moment he finds something. 2) I don't want the kids to build a relationship with food that they eat for comfort. Just leads to a lot of bad.

But I have turned to a few food related items for the kiddos anyways. Last night was pancakes and bacon for dinner. The kids just adore breakfast for dinner. Tonight was buttermilk biscuits and ham with fruit. Won't keep this up but it is nice to just be able to relax and let them have fun with dinner.

Each child takes their biscuits differently. One just likes them plain, as is. The other wouldn't have one without strawberry jam and the last will only take will some butter and honey. ~shrugs~ What can a mom do? I guess just make sure each one gets the right plate when dinner is served. LOL

Oh well, hope these pics tide everyone over till things calm down around here, the hubby finds a new job and we get moved. Also, gonna take this chance to point up to the - My Recipe Cook - tab and say - Go buy my book! LOL Hey, we are gonna have moving costs to cover soon. ^_~

See you all later!


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