Thursday, April 5, 2012

Contests, Cookies & China, Oh My!

Well it has been one heck of a week for Surreal Confections and the family in general. I honestly do not know where to begin. Guess I will start off with the first part of said posts title - Contests. Yup, I have recently started entering various images of Surreal Confections Treats to contests on the artists community site Deviant Art and man am I glad! Not only did the St. Patrick's Day Cupcake take runner up in the Ireland Art contest but the Boondock Saints Cookie took 1st place in the BSFC's Favorite Scene Contest. Needless to say that is making this all the more awesome. Don't get me wrong, I adore doing what I do but it is really nice to see others enjoying it as well. ^_^

Now, onto cookies! And a ton of them. You see for weeks I have been racking my brain on just what to do for Easter cookies and I have made batch after batch of cookies only to shake my head afterwards and toss the idea. Yet I could not bring myself to just toss my cookies as it were, nor the icing I made for them. So I decided to put them to good use! What better use than decorating them myself? Letting my kids do it!

So I gave them their first class in cookie decorating. Now, it wasn't a technique class as you can tell, lol. But it was a planning class. They got out my cookie cutters and matched them up with the cookies I had made. Picked the ones they wanted, traced the cutters and then went and spent an afternoon coloring and designing just what they wanted to do on their cookies. Granted I did not make up all the colors they wanted to use but thankfully I had some food coloring markers laying around I wasn't using anymore and they were able to use them.

Then came the decorating and I just have to say I think I had more fun watching them decorating their own cookies than I have ever have making my own. There is just something about watching them do something I enjoy and seeing that spark in their own eyes. It was wonderful and even though a lot came out like a big mess I don't think you could have seen more pride in my eyes than if they all took home the Noble Peace Prize. LOL

They had a blast together and one of them had so much fun in fact as I have continued to decorate cookies he has to get in on it now! About broke my heart today to tell him he couldn't decorate what I was currently working on. Little pouty lips going "pweese...." about broke me today. Thankfully once I got done this evening I have some extras and icing as well. I think that made up for it.

And now onto the China. Remember the new China pattern I posted about not too long ago? Well how could I not commemorate the occasion in cookie? Now, before I show you I need to say this...The cutters I used were mini's!!! Omg, I had no idea when I ordered them that the teapot was going to be about the size of a 50 cent piece! LOL So needless to say they were tiny and I couldn't do the detail I thought I was going to do but hey, I like them! LOL

I will say this, I think I am ready to basket weave the world after creating the lace center piece and napkin (which was the size of a nickle!). Cannot wait to see what I can do with that technique later on when I finish up another project I have going. Granted it will have to wait until after Easter. I have 2 cakes to do for Easter and at least 1 more set of cookies, hehe.

So there we are - Contests, Cookies and China! Oh My!!! (And you know you read that in Sulu's voice!) So now I will bombard you with just a ton of pictures since I don't feel like organizing them tonight. LOL


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