Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's My Birthday

And I hate it! It is no small secrete that I hate birthdays. Well I hate mine, I love everyone else's. And it doesn't have to do with aging. Speaking frankly I like growing older and am looking forward to days of wrinkles, snow white hair and senility. My dream is to grow up to be Dorthy Spornack, that or Sophia Petrillo. Either way. I will be a Golden Girl and embrace it. I just hate birthdays because they usually turn out bad. Dinner goes wrong, something gets ruined. It is just usually one big mess.

This year didn't start any different. Not 5 minutes into the day and I was already over the washer scrubbing out a stain from a shirt. So, already preparing myself for another humdinger of the worst day of the year. Hey, if you know the hurricane is coming, you get the hell out of dodge, you don't sit by and wait for it to take you.

So, when it was before 7 AM on a Saturday and people from the East Coast were waking me up with Happy Birthday Texts, I just grumbled and rolled out of bed. lol Thankfully I was greeted with a fresh cup of coffee and Eggs Benedict, compliments of the hubby. (A serious perk of being married to a chef - Food, lol)

Then after a couple of hours of dealing with 2 temperamental boys I got greeted with cards. And I must say some of the most kick ass cards a mother could hope to get.  Granted I think my daughter won hands down with her special "coupons" to me. I know I will be cashing these in very soon. LOL

And then there is the card from the hubby...Which makes me wonder. Not that it is wrong in what it states but considering the fact that he is a Taurus as well, I wonder if it speaks more about him or me. LOL

And I got cake and I didn't have to make it! LOL Hubby make me a Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese icing. Ended up making in a bread pan, sliced it like bread and then did the icing like it was pats of butter. Too cute! I loved it!

So, all in all not the worst birthday. ^_~ Times they are a changing! 


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