Monday, April 30, 2012

Shipping Out Presents

Well, finally Monday is here and I get to head out to the Post Office in just a bit to ship out all these boxes of cookies for the family down in Albany. A lot of cookies that I hope arrive safe and sound. Bad thing about shipping cookies - you basically have to pray every time you ship them out and hope for a small miracle.

Thankfully the Christmas ones all arrives safe and sound and were not powder by the time they arrived. I can only hope that I will have as good of fortune with this set. They are all packed in sealed plastic bags, tucked in paper bags, then nestled with packing material in a gift box for each. The gift boxes are all tucked tightly into a larger box with even more packing material. I really hope it is enough. If things were more financially stable right now I would probably tuck them in another box with even more padding and do it overnight Fed Ex. Oh well, next time. You know, when I am a big cookie star! LOL

Anywho, one set was left out the other day when I was posting up a storm. Dad's Birthday Set. Now, I didn't do the edible image thing with his. His I did something a tad differently. Stacked Scrapbook inspired cookies. Hope he enjoys them. ^_^ I think he will, hehe.

Okay, kids to school and then the post office. After which is a trip to the store and get working on the next set of cookies. Cinco De Mayo!!!!


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