Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Bowling Alley

Got a call from a dear friend last night and before I knew it, I have went ahead and said - Sure, I can get you a cake by tomorrow morning. LOL Yeah, me and my inability to not only not tell anyone no but offer! LOL Oh well!

Started around 6 last night getting setting out butter to come to room temp so I could not only bake cakes from scratch but as I am looking through all my supplies I see I am about of various flours and other things I usually have on hand. So I spend a good amount of time making just the basic ingredients, LOL. (I only keep loling because I am actually in a sleep deprived giggle fit right about now.)

Thankfully the heavens smiled on me and the stars aligned. About 10 this morning, or somewhere in there I was able to finish up and then bake a crap ton of other stuff.

Granted this isn't my best work but very happy with the results and even happier to know if I get an order at "closing" time I can have a cake ready and waiting by "opening" the next day! Go me!


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