Friday, June 1, 2012

Super Mario Galaxy!!!

I don't even know where to begin with this....This past week has been just a blur and sitting now, looking back, I am actually kind of sad it is over. It was beyond busy with Memorial Day Cookie Sets, KV Portfolio Party Cookie Paws, Aquatic Center days for the two oldest back to back, canning cupcakes and of course the most important thing for me this week - Jack Jack's Birthday.

That is when things really started to blur, especially Wednesday night....I remember wrapping up around 3 am, I think and then waking up at 6 Thursday and it just didn't stop until the kids passed out that evening. I am so glad for my camera - photo and video setting. I was able to get so much this time that I hadn't been able to before and I am very very grateful for that.

I have been blankly staring at my computer today and got bupkis on what exactly to put here, so I am basically just rambling to fill in some space and then will post details. LOL Okay, onto that! Jack Jack asked for Mario Galaxy...I think Mommy delivered.

The Full Spread

- Everything was made by either Surreal Confections or Surreal Dream Designs except this...
The Boo Balloons - Created by Chef Gibson of Cynical Cuisine

Now, onto the close ups!

Can't start off without drinks can we?

Super Jack & Power Up Straw Tags

Mario Colored Ice Cubes for The Sparkling Star Sprite - Power Up!

And of course everyone loves cupcakes! Grab and Go!

Gotta have a few sweet treats that aren't cake.

But of course we have to have cake!

Where the game begins - The Palace!

Then there was a battle!

And then Galaxies to travel! (And this was my favorite, the pulled sugar was a first for me!!!)

And of course, decorations!

So, there you have it! I know a lot right? Well, not exactly finished! I went ahead and filmed it all, and added music. So sit back, watch and enjoy!!!

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