Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Angry Birds Birthday!

Well, it is the day after a very long birthday extravaganza. Started at 6 Am yesterday and wasn't finished until around 9 Pm last night. (Granted that is not counting prep time the whole week before or clean up afterwards, lol.)

4th of July is tomorrow, so I gotta run and do prep everything for tomorrow, thankfully it isn't too much but the stores will be packed today. So will leave you with lots of nifty pictures! All done by Surreal Confections & Surreal Dream Designs. ^_^ (Balloons of course are by Chef Jason of Cynical Cuisine)

Hand Cut and Decorated Angry Birds Cookies

Angry Birds Beak Cookie Pops

Dark Chocolate 3 Tier Cake

Fondant Figures, Buttercream Frosting

Birthday Badge By Surreal Dream Designs

The Full Spread

Another Closeup Of The Cake


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