Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cake For Two

Yesterday my husband had to make a long trek via Greyhound to Seattle and back for a job interview. Being the foodie wife that I am I couldn't bear to think of him having to endure gas station fare of fast food for the day. Sorry, if I don't have to eat it, I am so not gonna. (Don't get me wrong I do enjoy eating out I am just a food snob now. LOL) So what do I do? I pack him up with a sack lunch fit for a foodie. Homemade preserves and English muffins, Peanut butter and Honey sandwiches on fresh back breads, dried meats and fresh fruits. You know, the standard fare, hehe.

Well sitting at home with 3 kids running around me and wondering how the interview went I start wanting to do something. (I was bored, lol.) Didn't exactly come up with anything other than trying to find something to do. That was until I got the call letting me know the interview went well and he was on his way back. YAY! (Still don't know if he got the job yet, we hope to find out in the next couple of days.)

Now I know it went well and he is on his way home I wanna make something. Well savory is out the window tonight, for a couple of reasons. Everything is frozen, it is the afternoon and we already have enough left overs in the fridge for 3 days worth of meals so I swore off cooking another meal until it was gone. If I keep cooking we are just going to end up throwing out the left overs and that is just such a waste. (I cook so much from scratch to cut back on food costs it seems rather counter productive to throw out what I make doesn't it.)

So sweet it is. Okay I don't need a lot, just something small but everything I have is reciped out to feed an army and right now I just need to feed a few. So I start searching around the net and see a couple of searches under "Cake for 2." Now that sounds exactly what I am looking for. Something quick just for a few. Nice! I stumble upon one website and I just fall in love!!!

You have got to check out this place! All these scaled down recipes that are just too amazing for words. In fact, I picked 2 of them yesterday to make for the hubby and turned them into this.

Isn't it just too cute?!?! So, you want the recipes that I used? Of course you do! That looks just too yummy for words!!!! Well here they are and they are both "Sweetly Approved' By Surreal Confections now!

To make this simple follow each recipe as is. To assemble, just place your 6 inch round on your cake plate, level off the top of the cake and scoop out a little from the center to create a well. Make the Ganache that comes with the cake recipe and pour into the well and over the top of the cake, pushing it to the edge to drizzle down the sides slightly. When you make the cookies, instead of a dozen regular sized ones, go for smaller, it will make 2-3 dozen mini cookies. Dough ball size about that of a shooter marble. Then just place around the cake and on top and serve up! This cake and cookies took all less than 2 hours start to finish. (And I have a small cookie jar now with the rest of the cookies, hehe.)

So stop by Cake For Two and enjoy everything over there!!!! I know I will be trying more and want to look into scaling down my own recipes. ^_~ And don't forge to check out the Pinterest Sweetly Approved Board - http://pinterest.com/jenng79/sweetly-approved/ - For all the recipes Surreal Confections has personally tested out and well, sweetly approved!


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