Thursday, August 30, 2012

Final Fantasy Creatures

I know, another post today but I honestly cannot help myself. I have done a lot of sets of cookies this week and I really just want to show them all off but seriously cannot do them all in a single post. They all are just so different. I will say this though, this was my favorite set to do this week. 

How can it not be? I am a total geek, that much is more than evident from looking at the projects I take on. More than that I am an FF fanatic. I am talking buy the games, the sound tracks, map everything out and even know the b-days of the characters. Some people obsess over coins, I do FF.

So needless to say when my kids started playing FF I was just happy chocobo! They really have gotten into the game and are constantly searching for the older ones to play on console. ~geek mommy pride there~ My youngest is not playing the games as of yet but he is in the design process as it were. He is constantly drawing Chocobo's, Tonberry and Cactuar. Just to name a few. He is even constructing various Elementals and Aeons and creating his own now.

Well, this was for them. I had a lot this week, but had some extra so I went out on a limb for them and they were more than happy with the results mommy came up with. So here are their top five creatures as far as the kids are concerned right now. Mog, Chocobo, Bomb, Tonberry and Cactuar!

Chocolate sugar cookies with royal icing. All are hand cut and free handed.


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