Friday, October 12, 2012


Well no secret, my daughters birthday is coming up and like I mentioned in the last post - She wants a Harry Potter Themed Birthday. So here I am trying to come up with things to do for her party on the cheap. Having a Dementor is a must but how could I get one and not spend a lot. I am talking like $5 tops. Well I used ended up using things around the house and a few key purchases to make one.

It will cost you more or less, depending on what you have at your own home. Now, don't be afraid to trade things out and try other stuff. But anywho, here is what I used.

1 Large Black Bed Sheet
2 Sheets of Cheese Cloth
Box of Black Fabric Dye
Several Empty Oatmeal Containers of different sizes
Plastic Skull and Spine
Needle & Thread
Black Yarn
Black Spray Paint
Black knee high
Dowel Rod

  1. Take your oatmeal containers and glue them together - largest in the center. (You could just use a straightened coat hanger if you prefer or anything that will create a long gradual arch for your center)
  2. With the yarn, string it up from the center.
  3. Drape your bed sheet over it. (Cutting off a small rectangular portion for later.)
  4. Rip the bottom of the bed sheet to give it that worn look.
  5. Dye your cheese cloth via the box directions (or just use black ripped cloth you can buy at Halloween)
  6. Once the cheese cloth is dry, lay it over your bed sheet in layers.
  7. Spray paint the head and spine if they aren't already black
  8. Run a dowel rod through the spine and head.
  9. Cover the head and spine with the knee high
  10. Cut a hole in the top center of your oatmeal containers or attach another wire if using the coat hanger approach. 
  11. Shove the spine into the oatmeal container and run some of the yarn through them.
  12. Fold the left over bed sheet in half, sew along one side.
  13. Drape this over the head and tact it with thread. 
  14. Drape more cheese cloth over it
  15. Hang up outside or anywhere and enjoy. ^_~

Yes, I know, worst direction anywhere but it is just an outline. Here are pictures to give you a better idea I hope. This isn't to teach you how, just give you an idea what you can do. ^_^ I know this doesn't have anything to do with sweets but this is all leading up to one heck of a party that will have them. LOL Anywho, who doesn't love anything Harry Potter?


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