Monday, October 8, 2012

Harry Potter Invitation

Well my daughters birthday is coming up and she requested a Harry Potter Themed Birthday party, so me being me decided to go all out for her and do what I could to make it nifty. Going with what others had done before and a few ideas of my own, a massive party invitation was put together. 

The most impressive part was the Marauder's Map Invitation itself. I took a map I found online at another website and altered it a bit to include a middle fold out section. Link with to the original is here - Marauders Map - Now, this is for a flat map with no folding insert in the center. If you would like to add that, just follow the pictures and add one yourself, it is rather simple to do....After you have followed the basic steps on the other website to construct your map, follow with these steps before folding anything.

First cut the inside map to fold outward. I did this on a hard surface with a razor blade to get clean lines and not tear the paper. 

Then simply fold out the center like so.

In any photo or image editing program create a small insert with your parties information on it. Make sure to see if fits in the cut open space on the map. This can take a few tries.

Now, just do what the kids do and glue it! Edge to edge and over the words some, you want to ensure you have complete bonding to the map so it doesn't come apart while folding.

Allow to dry fully before folding. Keep your glue on hand just in case.

After it is fully dry, simply fold as per the instructions on the other site and there you have it! A fully working Maraurders Map Party Invite. ^_^

Now some other pictures of the rest of the invite. I couldn't just leave it as it was, I had to add more to it. I included a "Muggle Letter" to the parents with a map to the party and a list of things we could be doing so they would know what was going on, as well as contact information so they could get in touch with me if needed. Also included is a ticket on the Hogwarts Express and a Letter Of Acceptance to Hogwarts itself. All neatly folded and stuffed into Owl Post Envelopes. ^_^

And now a small video of everything. Sorry for the background noise, kids had the TV on and by the time I noticed it, I really didn't want to deal with rerecording it, I'm Lazy. LOL (Oh and this falls under confection because I ran out of gold spray and used my edible luster dust on the tickets. :P)



  1. Oh my goodness! So fun!!! I hope I get one! ;)

  2. These are great! Thanks for the inspiration :-)


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