Sunday, October 14, 2012

Platform 9 3/4's Wall

Well you cannot have a Harry Potter Party without a way to get there. My preferred method of travel is of course the Hogwarts Express - Why I always provide all participants with their very own ticket. Thing is, you may have a ticket and you may know to get on the train but you still need a way to get to the train. That is where this little tutorial comes in.

This is just the wall itself - The sign will come later.

So, you wanna make a wall but don't want to blow your bank? Here is where Mrs Cheap shows up. Again, less than $5.00 and you can have your own wall for the kids to run through. (Or if you are a prankster, run into to. You know, for when Dobby closes it off.)

Now, what you will need -

A large space and a drop cloth - or do it on the grass before you cut, lol
1 Large old Bed Sheet. (Mine was white but I ran it through after dying my Dementor fabric, so it gave it a nice shade of grey. ^_~)
1 Roll of Narrow Masking Tape
2 Cans Red Spray Paint

  1. Now, measure out the door way you will be using this over and make sure your cut your sheet a bit larger than that to give you some extra space. I used a Queen Size Sheet and my door, including jam, is roughly 8 feet tall. I only needed half of the sheet. (Saving the other half for a Sorting Hat, that is coming later.)
  2. Lay out the sheet on the ground and then grid out a brick pattern of your choosing with your masking tape. This will take a bit but it is worth it. This is the longest step. lol
  3. Now, just spray paint over your cloth. Don't worry about it being even or a thick coat. I went back a couple of times over mine lightly and only used one color. You could use many to age it, heck try textured spray paint, might come up with something nifty.
  4. Let it dry.
  5. Remove Tape.
  6. Hang.
  7. Cut split up the center.
  8. Run through!
Really, that is all it is and again, so cheap!  Here is a picture walk through. ^_~

You can see the finished product all hung up as well as get the sign to go with it here - Platform 9 3/4's Sign


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