Sunday, October 7, 2012

Susan Gayle Memorial Cancer Ribbon Cookies

As many know my mother passed away recently due to a particularly aggressive Lung Cancer that has spread to her heart and brain. From the time we found out until the time she passed was almost exactly 7 days. This did not give anyone in the family much time to say good bye though with as quickly as it took her, it could be counted as a blessing that she did not suffer years of treatment. Those that have watched loved one wilt over the months can tell just how painful it is. Not only to watch but to endure.

In the midst of losing a loved one to cancer arises other problems. How does one get to a funeral? This question was quickly answered for me when friends and family came together to ensure I would be able to say goodbye. I am forever grateful to be so blessed to have such angelic people in my lives. Before I left for the funeral I wondered how I would ever be able to thank to those that done so much for me in what was one of the darkest hours my family had had to survive.

For that to be answered, another blessing came. In the form of a single cookie cutter. Yes, I know odd but this cookie cutter is amazing.....

A cancer ribbon cookie. It hit me, what better way not only to thank those that helped me but to honor my mother as well. A Cancer Ribbon Cookie. So simple and yet so perfect. So that is what this is, the start of something I hope will give back to many more than helped me.

Sets of these ribbons cookies are available for order in my Etsy Store. ~*Cancer Ribbon Cookies*~ All you do is when you check out specify which cancer you are wanting the cookies to represent. Proceeds from each sale will then be turned around and donated to the Cancer Research Institute in memory of Susan Gayle, my mother.

It is my hope that with each sale it will help us take the needed steps forward to bring an end to this awful disease that takes so many of our loved ones away far to soon. I pray that one day no one will have to feel the pain and loss my family and so many others have had to endure.


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