Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Harry Potter Party

Crest Cookies 

     Sorry it has taken so long but I have been running around like a wizard without a wand for the last month. Finally am able to sit down for a few and post about my daughters birthday party! YAY! Most of this will just be quick pictures but at the end will be links to other Harry Potter posts I have made to help you cast your own Wizard Worthy party as well as links that I used to pull this off! So enjoy! And watch the video at the end!

And remember, most everything I did here cost me less than $5 to create - Like the Dementor and the Sorting Hat. It goes to show with some time, creativity and cheapness you can pull this off no problem!

Potion Area created from colored water, flours, sugars, printable labels and jars I found at goodwill

Chocolate Pumpkins created from Wilton Melts and Pumpkin Shaped Ice Cube Trays

Snitches, made from Ferrero Rochers and Craft Feathers

House Cookies - Edible images cover colored dough in the center. Break open and reveal your house!

Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans - Jelly Beans & Printable Boxes

Chocolate Frogs and Wands - Frog Molds, Twizzlers, Dipping Chocolate and Printable Boxes

The Dessert Set Up

Colored Corn Chips

Redid the Harry Potter Wanted Sign with my Daughter in there. 

We actually still have this hanging on the bathroom door, lol.

Cannot read it well but it says - This Way To The Ministry Of Magic

The Dinner Bar

Pumpkin Pasties!

Our Sorting Hat

Another Angle of the Dinner Bar

The Food Area
The Cake

Now watch the video to see all the decorations through out the house! 

Now for those links I promised you!

I know there are more links, will have to dig them out. 

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  1. Adorable party!! The party favors are awesome. Want to try them for my Harry Potter party at one of Venues in NYC. The edibles are looking so delicious. Will have luscious buffets for guests and wish to arrange best one.


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