Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everyone Needs Warm Wishes

Everyone needs warm wishes this Holiday Season. No one more so than our Military, past and present. They do so much for us each and every day and now that Winter is upon us they are giving up even more. So many are away from their friends and family this holiday season. Others are home but what has happened while they were deployed is still there, in the back of their mind. Even those retired many many years still carry the scars of a life that many of us will never have to face and much of that is because of what they have done and what they do every single day.

It is no secret that this girl loves her some Military men and women. So, I am teaming up with another protect of mine, Baking For Our Soldiers, to put together a care package to send to someone you nominate. I would love to send one out to each and every member that is nominated this year but sadly I cannot but I can send out at least 1. (If more bakers wish to get in on this and donate a care package of your own I will happily up the number of winners. Just contact me on Facebook.)

Now are you a member of the military and you want this care package? Are you a Veteran? Feel free with leaving your own name!

What will be in the care package?
Well cookies! But the rest will be left as a surprise for the recipient. ^_^

So, all you have to do to enter is follow the instructions in the Raftecopter Widget below. There are entries that can be done daily to up your nominations chance of winning! For ones you have to repost about, leave a blog comment, etc. All winning entries are verified.)

**Please only nominate people who are current or past members of the U.S.A. Military. I hope to extend this to other military members at a later year but right now I only know how to ship to our country and bases. I am very sorry.**

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