Sunday, November 4, 2012

Family Pumpkin Carving 2012

Cannibal By Jason
Finally starting to get all these images together to show off. Those that have me friended on Facebook have been getting bombarded by these this week, lol. Going to start off with the ones that the family did this year. I will post all mine later on. Still getting those images together. >.>

What can I say, I went a little overboard this year, heck the whole family did. Here is it November 3rd and honestly we are still carving. With everything that happened this past month we really got behind in what was supposed to get done. We had a lot of pumpkins left over after Halloween and figured, what the heck! We can still carve. So we have continued to carve a couple each day and rotate them out on our display out front while we toss the ones that are ready to meet their pumpkin god, lol.

First three are Corporate Logo's Jason of Cynical Cuisine did this year. You can find more of his work on Deviant Art under the screen name Sigil79.

And now for the rest....

Demon Spider By Jason

Cannibal By Jason

Penguin By Jason

Gir By Jason

Skelly By Jason

Mr Moustache by Jason

The Patio On All Hallows Eve

Now granted all those were created by Jason but I have 3 more to show off....

This is Phoenix, King Heartless and Spider Mania. These were created by the kids - Rhi, Alex & Jack. Instead of using patterns this year they pushed those aside and all three of them clamored into the kitchen, spread out their own tarp and went to work on their own. Mommy nor daddy were allowed to help in any way. Needless to say this is one proud mama seeing her kids bloom artistically. ^_~


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