Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cookies For Lilly

This last week I had the honor and privilege to donate a small gift basket full of cookies to a good cause. You see, in the small town I live in currently there is a little girl who is going through a rough time, she is battling Cancer. Most of us cannot even begin to comprehend what they would be like - as a person first and foremost - if you have not gone through it personally. Imagine if your child was having to endure it? The thought alone breaks me down and makes me run to my kids to hug them. (Something I have done several times over the last week just working on these.)

As many of you know I lost my mother to Cancer just a scad few months ago, so when I was asked by a dear friend in the community if I could whip something up for a silent auction you bet your sweet britches I was all over that like a white on rice.

I sat down and tried to figure out what to do. I knew I wanted to use the Cancer Ribbon Cookie Cutter that I was gifted after my mother passed. It just seemed fitting. What else could I do though to make this set personal? After seeing a picture of the little girl, Lilly, I knew what to do. She was a little princess, what better theme? There was none.

Time to get to work. I wanted to ensure these has special details that I had not done before or very rarely did, so I got to work on getting together elements from some of the best places on the net. I was very lucky to have Karen's Cookies to be able to supply the Disco Dusts, Copper Gifts was the perfect place to get the fancy frame cutter, Fancy Flours for the Dragees and of course I went to Beanilla to get the special Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

Everything came together to create a very special and beautiful set of cookies. I dropped them off and hoped for the best once they were finished. They were sold at a silent auction at the local school that evening, Knolls Vista and I came to find out just today that the winning Bidder did not keep the cookies for themselves but instead turned around and donated them to Lilly herself! How wonderful is that?

I stopped by the Sock Hop/Silent Auction the evening it occurred and was totally blown away! So many people showed up and so many made donations. It was truly moving to see a small community come together like that for one small child. Needless to say it was a huge success!!!

If you would like to help the family, you still can! Thoughts and prayers for Lilly and her family are of course always welcome. You can visit here - Miss Lilly - On facebook to say hello and give support. If you would like to make a donation they will be opening an account at Sterlings Saving under the name of -  Friends of Lilly Hultberg - Or if you are in the Moses Lake area you can drop off donations at Knolls Vista. 

If I get any more information on how to help, I will edit this post and give you all an update!


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